Terhi Koipijärvi


Terhi Koipijärvi

Director, Communications, Metsähallitus, Finland

Terhi Koipijärvi has extensive international experience in leading corporate responsibilityand sustainableforestrywithin the forest sector.She has worked more than 25 years in various managerial and leadership positions from trading houses to the global corporates, being now a Director, Communications at Metsähallitus, state owned enterprise, whichisresponsiblefor the sustainable management of one third of Finland’s area.She has beenone of the key sustainability experts in the transformation journey of the forest sector to responsible driven business culture.In her earlier career Koipijärvi has lead the responsibilityagenda inglobal forest industry companies like Metsä Group and Stora Enso.

During her career,Terhi Koipijärvi has worked on sustainability issues from many different angles.Her experience rangesfrom providing training on sustainable forestrypracticestolumberjacks in Russia to developing responsible businessmodelsand strategiesinemerging markets in countries such as China, Pakistan and Brazil. Sheholds aMaster of Science degreefrom the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry at the University of Helsinki.

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