Kristiina Kukkohovi


Kristiina Kukkohovi

Head of Finnair Holiday, Finland

Kristiina has a background working in the international travel industry for years. She has worked in branding&marketing, e-commerce and sales in SAS/Blue1, Tallink/Silja Line and KILROY travels to name some. In 2013 she moved to Lapland and worked more five years with the tourism industry development in the Arctic, first at Ruka&Pyhä Ski Resorts, later as CEO of Levi tourist office. Despite the new career at Finnair developing the new leisure business concepts, she still lives in Lapland and travels to work in Helsinki. Kristiina has experience working in the international companies and family owned business in a top management level.

At the current position at Finnair, Kristiina is leading the development of the new digital service which aims at helping global individual travelers to find authentic, hand-picked travel experiences in the North. The pilot of the service is out very soon.

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