Ari Karjalainen


Ari Karjalainen

Founder & CEO, Arctic Emotion, Finland

Managing Director Ari Karjalainen graduated from the Helsinki University of Technology (Aalto University) with a master’s degree from the Department of Electrical Engineering. His work history has been teaching in the Lapland University of Applied Sciences as well as engineering in small industrial companies. During the last ten years in the University, he has focused on RDI and the development of business cooperation with local Arctic companies. As a result of that, he also started his own business from 2014 onwards.

Mr Karjalainen has been dealing with vehicles using alternative forms of energy since 2009, when the first development projects were launched at the Lapland University of Applied Sciences. As a result of this ten-year development, together with three of his colleagues, he founded the company Aurora Powertrains. Company develops an electric power package for light vehicles and the first developed power package has been applied to the eSled – electric snowmobile, which is the company’s own snowmobile brand.

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