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Responsible Growth in the Arctic

The 10th Arctic Business Forum will be organized 9. – 10.5.2019 at Rovaniemi Finland. The theme for this year’s forum is  Responsible Growth in the Arctic.

While embracing the economic cooperation between the Arctic countries, the forum offers also valuable information about the possibilities and future investment potential of the Arctic region both for the local business representatives and international investors. Aim is to scrutinize the future and build network and relationships among region’s various representatives.

The Arctic Europe holds investment potential worth of at least 162 billion euros. In the forum will be presented the latest news in business development in this region. The speakers in the Arctic Business Forum are the key representatives and stakeholders on various branch of Arctic industry. The global and local trends at stake are addressed at the Arctic Business Forum.

Welcome to the Arctic Business Forum 2019 to bond with other Arctic business representatives and stakeholders working for the Arctic prosperity.


The 9th Arctic Business Forum Yearbook is an overview of the European High North investments and business development published in association with the Arctic Business Forum.

The Yearbook 2018 by Lapland Chamber of Commerce addresses Arctic cooperation, policies and business, as well as an estimation of European High North investment potential for the same time frame. Regionally the Yearbook covers the Northern parts of Finland, Sweden and Norway as well as Murmansk and Arkhangelsk regions in Russia.

You can download the book from here: ABF_2018_yearbook



We welcome all representatives of media to the 10th Arctic Business Forum!


  • Includes access for both days to Arctic Business Forum 2019
  • Lunch and coffee servings


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