Yuri Sekretev


Yuri Sekretev

Director of Representative office in Russia, Promintergroup AG and Director of Arctic Bulk AG, Russia

Yuri Sekretev was managing the logistic of the Yamal LNG project for organizing transportation of all cargo originating in Russia or imported to mainland Russia to Sabetta, was part of the team who organized the first Non Russian transit of the Northern Sea Route in 2010 when MV Nordic Barents transported 43,000 mt of Iron Ore from the port of Kirkenes to China. This lead to creation of Arctic Bulk AG of which he is a director and a member of the Board which provided the transit voyages via the NSR of a number of vessels including ore carriers, LNG-carriers and even a seismic vessel.

With more than 20 years experience has a deep engagement in commercial and logistics operations connected with international trade of metallurgical raw materials, pig iron and steel to European and Far-Eastern customers. Extensive knowledge of inland transportation starting from the production facility to the end user including railway, ports, sea and freight.

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