Peter Waara


Peter Waara

Mayor of Haparanda town/municipality

Since the first of January 2015 Peter Waara is the Mayor of Haparanda town/municipality. He represents the Social Democratic Party. Among the important issues for our municipality is joint efforts to combat youth unemployment, ensure equal rights for women and men in labour, leisure and life opportunities as well as enhancing rural development in our region. Migration statistics reveal an age- and gender unbalance which we have to consider when revising the long term strategies for our municipality.

My research field is youth, labour market entrance, mobility as well as regional and local development. The academic career can be summarised as follows: I received my PhD in 1996 (Sociology) and has ever since been working in research and academic teaching, during 2011-2013 with a focus on administration of research and educational (including strategic planning, evaluation and budget issues). In 2007 I was appointed as full professor in education at Uppsala University and appointed as professor in Sociology at Luleå University of Technology. Between 2011 and 2013 I was the Dean of the Faculty of Education at Uppsala University. Currently I am, during my ‘political-leave’, now and then engaged as peer-reviewer for various Journals as well as expert evaluator for academic positions.

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