Marco Graziotto


Marco Graziotto

Director of Promintergroup AG, Director Arctic Bulk, Italy

Marco Graziotto out of 24 years’ experience in the Shipping and logistic was opening many new channels of both trading and logistic. From the first export of Iron Ore from Liberia after the civil war to the first Russian Iron Ore exported to China, From the first non Russian vessel who crossed the NSR to many “firsts” across the NSR (Bulk Carrier, Tanker, LNG Carrier, Module Carrier vessels, Tug&Barge, and many feasibility studies.

He was actively involved in the reopening of Sydvaranger Mine and Kirkenes port before, during and after the bankruptcy.

Presently working, among other things, in the development of several Mines and on the technical feasibility of a trans Polar Sub Sea Data Cable that will link Northern Europe with China and Japan.

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