Anatoly Glushkov


Anatoly Glushkov

President, Murmansk Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Russia

Date of birth – 21.04.1952, place of birth – Marij El Republic, USSR. In 1974 Anatoly Glushkov was graduated from Murmansk Higher Marine Engineering College, in 1990 – from the Leningrad Istitute of Political Science.

From 1989 hestarted his work for the Chamber of Commerce, in the period till 1990 it was Northern Regional Department of the USSR Chamber of Commerce in Murmansk. In 1990 the Northern Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) was intablished and since that period Anatoly Glushkov is NCCI President.

28.08.1990 the Cooperation Agreement between the Northern CCI and the Lapland Chamber of Commerce was signed and our mutually beneficial cooperation proceeds till now. Anatoly Glushkov is the Vice-President of the Euro-Arctic Chamber of Commerce (The Barents Chamber).

A.Glushkov always pays serious attention to the problems of business development and foreign economic activity of the Murmansk Region. Some years he was the Assistant to the Deputy of the State Duma. As the President of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of the Murmansk Region Anatoly Glushkov was an active participant of many international projects with our collegues from Scandivanian countries. Many international projects were implemeted in cooperation with the Lapland Chamber of Commerce, Anatoly Glushkov was representing the Northern CCI in the Finnish-Russian joint conferences, in particular, “Networking Chambers, Promoting Business”, “Barents Industrial Partnership” (BIP) meetings, etc. In 2008 the presentation of the Murmansk Region and Lapland County was organized in Helsinki. For active professional and social activities Anatoly Glushkov was awarded with diplomas of the Governor of the Murmansk region, Certificates of Appreciation of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, Broze and Silver Medals of Merit of the Central Chamber of Commerce of Finland.

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